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Regeneration from the inside out

Balanced nutrition and a full liquid diet have been proven to promote health and vitality. With its Basentage (alkaline diet) and therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger, Ems Vital offers two different types of nutritional therapy. In small groups with professional guidance, participants learn about the healing power of healthy eating.

There are various methods of therapeutic fasting, which has holistic benefits for the whole organism. Therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger is the best-known method of fasting. Named after the German doctor Otto Buchinger, it involves a diet consisting solely of water, juice, vegetable broth and honey.

Fasting to detoxify

After a few days, eating a liquid diet forces the metabolic system to use its reserves of nutrients. The body obtains energy from its stored carbohydrate, fat and protein, using some of this to break down toxins. A gentle exercise programme or wellness treatments can further support this process of detoxification.

Positive effects on body and soul

Fasting makes people healthier and happier. It only takes a few days to see the positive effects on the body: people who are fasting feel fitter, fresher and more energetic. At the same time, it helps to prevent a large number of illnesses or alleviate existing conditions. Therapeutic fasting can be particularly effective at helping to prevent cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, neurodegeneration, cancer and signs of ageing.

Basentage (Alkaline diet)

Restoring a sense of balance

The Ems Vital Basentage (alkaline diet) holds the key to health and vitality. Alkaline fasting combined with a tailored naturopathic programme helps to reactivate the body’s self-healing response and has an energising effect. Specially trained fasting supervisors and therapists from Ems Vital work with clients who choose an alkaline diet plan, supporting them in small groups as they pursue a more balanced lifestyle. They are also assisted by external coaches.

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Therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger

Boosting vitality and energy

The method of therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger has a rejuvenating effect on body, mind and soul. Its holistically detoxifying effect reactivates the self-healing response, strengthens the immune system and revitalises. At Ems Vital, clients on a course of Buchinger therapeutic fasting benefit from professional support and a complementary health programme for the greatest possible success.

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