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Thanks to its combination of naturopathy, wellness and nutrition, Ems Vital is a sought-after provider of comprehensive health services to patients from throughout Germany. Using exclusive technology and traditional remedies, Ems Vital offers its patients holistic, transparent support from diagnosis through the entire therapy.

Our range of services includes tried and tested diagnostic methods and therapies developed by the renowned biophysicist Dr Knapp along with traditional treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, phytotherapy and ayurveda. Staff at the institute specialise primarily in treating chronic degenerative conditions, especially allergies, asthma, rheumatic complaints, chronic infections, vascular diseases and cancer. The therapists at Ems Vital also assist with sports injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Transparency for patients

Transparency and comprehensibility are crucial to the experts at Ems Vital. Modern instruments make it possible for the therapist and patient to see the progress being made in the course of the treatment in real time. Dr Knapp’s tried and tested diagnostic methods and therapies have proven successful over several decades. Clinical studies by Heidelberg University Hospital also confirm their effectiveness and informative value.

Check-ups prevent illness

In the firm belief that taking a holistic view of the body is the only way to improve functional disorders over the long term, Ems Vital starts with the early diagnosis of diseases. Unlike allopathy, naturopathic diagnostics can provide early indicators of serious diseases during a check-up. These can then be prevented by targeted prophylactic treatment.

The pillars of our therapy

Any therapy at Ems Vital starts with a comprehensive medical examination. Modern analytical methods such as Plasmaprint®, DFX® blood counts and bioresonance scan provide insights into the organism’s vital signs. These deliver a comprehensive medical history which the experts at Ems Vital use as the basis for an individual therapy plan.

Vital Check Plus

An all-inclusive health programme

Vitalcheck Plus supplements a classic check-up with additional therapies and individual treatment types. The Vitalcheck Plus services include diagnosis as well as care during therapy and, if medically necessary, an intermediate checkup. Special methods and intensive support allow patients to make health progress within a short space of time.

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Measurement on the wrist with a cuff


Diagnosis and therapy in the human energy field

Naturopaths consider bioresonance to be an effective means of treating a range of symptoms. The diagnosis and treatment are based on measuring and modifying the body’s wavelengths. Bioresonance is a form of energy and information medicine, which is founded on the notion that people are surrounded by a subtle energy field.

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Holistic service portfolio

Unique combination of naturopathy and technology

Ems Vital offers a wide range of modern, naturopathic examinations – from diagnosis to therapy. Knowing a patient’s physical state of health is critical in order to identify potential illnesses early on, work to prevent them and treat them holistically.

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Our specialisms

Becoming healthy and staying healthy – if those are your goals, you will be in good hands at Ems Vital. The institute offers a unique combination of naturopathy, nutrition and wellness in the firm belief that taking a holistic view is the only way to bring about lasting health and well-being.


A holistic view of the whole organism

At Ems Vital, naturopathy effectively combines modern diagnostic systems with ancient philosophies and treatments. Naturopathy takes a holistic approach which can provide lasting alleviation from diseases and identify them early on. Individual therapies lead to long-term improvements in health.

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Head massage

Medical wellness

Promoting good health through relaxation

At Ems Vital, medical wellness spans a wide range of relaxation and massage services overseen by a health professional. Mental and physical well-being promote good health, making it an important aspect of disease prevention. Stress, worries, tension and resulting symptoms can be avoided as a result.

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Bowls with fruit, spices, rice and cereals


Regeneration from the inside out

Balanced nutrition and a full liquid diet have been proven to promote health and vitality. With its Basentage (alkaline diet) and therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger, Ems Vital offers two different types of nutritional therapy. In small groups with professional guidance, participants learn about the healing power of healthy eating.

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Effectiveness clinically tested - studies verify the informative value of Plasmaprint®

Dr Knapp’s Plasmaprint® method was used in a study at Heidelberg University Hospital back in 1993. Its aim was to find out what information Plasmaprint® can provide with regard to the success of various naturopathic methods. The study showed that the results of the Plasmaprint® method are reproducible.

Study design with 200 participants

Based on the assumption that the bioenergetic waves emitted by the human body correlate with the person’s state of health, Plasmaprint® sets out to document these waves and enable them to be used as the basis for further therapy. For the study, Plasmaprint® was tested on 200 participants before, during and after therapy consisting of acupuncture and homeopathy over a two-year period.

Reproducibility confirmed

The results of the study were clear. As well as confirming the reproducibility of the Plasmaprint® method, it showed that the results obtained during the series of tests could be put to therapeutic use. Certain phenomena recorded using the Plasmaprint® method are closely associated with defined diseases or conditions of the human organism. This confirms that the method is suitable as a means of screening and identifying the body’s underlying weaknesses.

Greater experience gained

Our knowledge of the Plasmaprint® method is now more advanced. Plasmaprint® has been used more than 30,000 times, especially in the field of diagnostics and to prevent potential diseases. Time and time again, the Plasmaprint® findings provide a wealth of information and are highly precise.

If you have any questions about this method, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our team

Trust plays a crucial role in healthcare. Every single patient is in good hands at Ems Vital. The naturopaths, therapists and nutritional experts in our team take time to listen to you and provide holistic, specialist advice on all your health issues. Their expertise is updated and constantly enhanced by means of regular continuing professional development.

Elisabeth Albers

Founder, proprietor, institute management

Stefan Hanusch

Medical director, manager of the institute

State-certified naturopath, trained with Dr Knapp, degree in pharmaceutical science, foundation course in medicine.

Marina Zech

Supervisor for Buchinger therapeutic fasting and alkaline diets, ayurveda therapist

State-certified naturopath, trained with Dr Knapp

Ines Rodriguez

Assistant to the institute management

Anneliese Scholz

Specialist for cleanliness and hygiene