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Basentage (Alkaline diet)

The Ems Vital Basentage (alkaline diet) holds the key to health and vitality. Alkaline fasting combined with a tailored naturopathic programme helps to reactivate the body’s self-healing response and has an energising effect. Specially trained fasting supervisors and therapists from Ems Vital work with clients who choose an alkaline diet plan, supporting them in small groups as they pursue a more balanced lifestyle. They are also assisted by external coaches.

Acids and alkalis are the natural product of various metabolic processes in the body. Stress, certain environmental factors and other pressures can lead to an acid-alkaline imbalance. Metabolic products which are not excreted are stored in the tissue and lead to excess acidity. An alkaline diet restores the balance between acids and alkalis.

Focus on fruit and vegetables

Following an alkaline diet means avoiding foods which foster excess acidity in the body. The experts from Ems Vital show clients how to eat an alkali-rich diet of fruit, vegetables, tea and water to neutralise excess acids. The process of detoxification is supported by additional, tailored naturopathic treatments. These are selected following on from a comprehensive Vitalcheck. A further check-up at the end of the alkaline diet provides therapists and participants with a transparent assessment of the health progress achieved.

Fitter, healthier, more productive

Excess acidity in the body can cause all sorts of symptoms and conditions, including fatigue, insomnia, muscle and joint pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, varicose veins, cellulite, acne or neurodermatitis, coronary heart disease, hypotension or a weakened immune system. The Ems Vital Basentage (alkaline diet) serves as an intensive programme to promote health, fitness and productivity for all ages. It can also help to prevent coronaries, reduce blood sugar levels and cholesterol, and make chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer more effective. Health progress on a similarly extensive scale can usually only be seen after six months of outpatient therapy.

The Alkaline Plus plan: whole-body health

An alkaline diet is not just about cutting out acidic foods. With our Basentage (Alkaline diet) Plus package, the therapeutic fasting can be complemented by various exercise and wellness offerings along with treatments. Alternating between exercising and resting supports the objectives of alkaline fasting and ensures the holistic well-being of participants at every level.


Relaxation to vitalise body and soul

Massage has wide-ranging effects on the organism. It boosts the circulation and metabolism, strengthens the immune system, purifies and calms the soul. This makes it a perfect choice alongside alkaline fasting.


Integrating alkaline nutrition into everyday life

A change of diet gives rise to the question: what shall I cook? In cookery demonstrations, the experts at Ems Vital show the optimum way to integrate alkaline nutrition into everyday life with ease.


Equilibrium and energy from your inner centre

Yoga is a combination of gentle stretches, strengthening exercises and meditation. In connection with alkaline fasting, yoga helps participants to boost their metabolism, gain fresh energy, calm their minds and find their inner centre.

Power walking

Gentle exercise in a woodland setting

A mindful walk in the woods gives your mind a break and revitalises your body. During alkaline fasting, gentle exercise in the fresh air accompanied by a personal trainer stimulates participants’ metabolism and strengthens the immune system.  


The Ems Vital Basentage (Alkaline diet) package offers effective regeneration in a very short space of time. Just six days of intensive treatment can achieve the same health progress as six months of outpatient therapy. The alkaline diet can be done in small groups at our institute or at home.

Clients who choose the six-day Basentage (Alkaline diet) Plus package will stay at Gasthof Hense for the duration of the diet. On arrival, you will find details of your first appointment in your room, telling you when our team expect to see you at the practice.

Option 1

Basentage (Alkaline diet) Plus package -
6 days

Fasting support

Experienced, officially certified fasting supervisors from Ems Vital support and advise participants during their alkaline diet plan. They take a medical history for the use of Glauber’s salt, provide guidance on fasting and are available to answer questions each day during personal consultations.


Alkaline refreshments are provided for participants throughout the day. These include water and various teas, fresh botanical juices, oils and healthy, alkaline snacks.

Naturopathic therapy

During the alkaline plan, daily naturopathic therapy is tailored to each individual patient. It includes comprehensive medication and additional treatments such as ATM®, bioresonance, andullation therapy, brainLight, Bach Flower Remedies and singlet oxygen.

Exercise and wellness

Exercise such as walking, yoga and fascia stretching stimulate the metabolism. Relaxation exercises, ayurvedic massage with authentic Indian herbs, and use of the sauna and spa all support the resting phases during alkaline fasting.

Talks and show cooking

Participants in the alkaline plan should be stronger and more aware when they go back to everyday life. Talks and demonstrations on topics such as stress management, an acid-alkaline balance and healthy eating provide information and tips on optimising day-to-day life.


The Vitalcheck examination provides comprehensive information about the participants’ current state of health and potential health risks. Modern diagnostic methods are used along with laboratory analyses and consultations to go through the client’s medical history. The Vitalcheck is the starting point for all subsequent therapeutic steps.

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Option 2

Basentage (Alkaline diet) package -
6 days

Introductory day

Participants learn everything they need to know about alkaline fasting during a joint introductory day. Recipes, weekly planners, self-treatment options, relaxation exercise and much more make it as easy as possible to follow the alkaline diet at home.


Clients who choose the outpatient alkaline fasting plan are given a shopping list with everything they will need in advance. During the diet, refreshments include water, various teas, nutritious fruit, vegetable and fresh botanical juices, and alkaline snacks.

Fasting support

Experienced, officially certified fasting supervisors from Ems Vital support and advise participants while they follow the alkaline diet plan at home. Dieters receive daily motivational emails with ideas for meditation and relaxation. They can also seek personalised advice on fasting by phone or email.

Event to mark the end of fasting

Participants come together at the end of the diet, which also marks the beginning of the maintenance phase. At this meeting, participants are given valuable information on integrating what they have learned into everyday life. This enables them to benefit from their new-found energy for as long as possible.

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