A woman gets a head massage

A holistic view of the whole organism

At Ems Vital, naturopathy effectively combines modern diagnostic systems with ancient philosophies and treatments. Naturopathy takes a holistic approach which can provide lasting alleviation from diseases and identify them early on. Individual therapies lead to long-term improvements in health.

Unlike orthodox medicine, naturopathy looks at the body’s biophysical regulatory processes in addition to its biochemistry. The biological frequency spectrum often holds the otherwise elusive answers to questions concerning health and illness.

Vitalcheck reveals weaknesses

Naturopathy at Ems Vital covers a wide range of analytical and therapeutic methods. In particular, Ems Vital is the only clinic to offer the renowned biophysicist Dr Knapp’s tried and tested methods. The starting point for any therapy is a Vitalcheck, which identifies functional disorders at energetic and cellular level using modern techniques. This delivers a comprehensive medical history which paves the way for a therapy plan tailored specifically to the patient.

Forward-looking prevention

Allergies, heart conditions, diabetes, asthma, intestinal diseases and burn-out are all considered typical lifestyle diseases stemming from our modern way of life. A genuine early diagnosis – as offered by a Vitalcheck at Ems Vital – helps to spot conditions up to eight years in advance and deliver therapy early on. Existing chronic degenerative health conditions can also be identified and alleviated using gentle treatment methods.

Ear candles

Relaxation for the whole body

As well as cleansing, ear candles have a host of other benefits: the heat entering the ear canal soothes the mind, alleviates headaches, migraines and colds, releases tension and can even be used to assist with tinnitus or hard hearing. Ear candles are a true source of relaxation.


Abhyanga massage

Ayurvedic oil massage

Abhyanga is a popular wellness massage that uses vegetable oils. It cleanses the body, stimulates circulation and metabolism, and strengthens the immune system with its relaxing effect. Abhyanga is used as part of the ayurveda science of life to maintain health and well-being.