Qualitative analysis of blood cells

Ems Vital is the only institute to offer the DFX® blood analysis. This diagnostic procedure examines factors such as the quality of blood cells and the intracellular compartment or Pischinger space. Conclusions can then be drawn about the patient’s current state of health.

Hands on microscope
DFX® analyses a drop of blood, allowing conclusions to be drawn about the patient’s current state of health.

As the smallest living unit of all organisms, a cell is a structurally distinct, independent, self-maintaining system. If the body is lacking in essential nutrients, weak or sick, this first becomes apparent in the blood cells and their environment. DFX® is a unique diagnostic tool which takes this into account by examining the blood at cellular level. That makes it possible to identify functional disorders and recognise potential risks at an early stage.

A drop of blood is all it takes

To perform a DFX® analysis, the experts at Ems Vital take a drop of fresh blood from the patient’s fingertip. The cells contained in this blood are examined under a microscope to assess their structure, growth, function and plasma quality. This in turn allows conclusions to be drawn about the supply of nutrients, detoxification, defence mechanisms and matrix composition of the cells.

Important health insights

Conventional blood counts only look at the quantity of cells in the blood. However, it is worth examining at its quality too as part of a holistic approach. The reasons for a weakened immune defence, slow healing processes or ineffective medication often lie in a cellular imbalance. Effective, individual therapy options can be derived from a DFX® blood analysis.