Accelerating healing processes

The Active Transmitter Therapy (ATM®) according to Dr. Knapp can restore impaired cellular metabolism and help to alleviate symptoms long-term. Ems Vital is the only provider to offer this therapy.

A woman gets transmitter therapy
Functional disorders are identified with the aid of active transmitter therapy (ATM®) using Dr Knapp’s method.

Many conditions and symptoms originate at cellular level. If underperforming cells can be localised and restored, this has a positive effect on the whole body. ATM® rehabilitates damaged cells so that they can function normally again.

Transmitter replaces missing signals

Using physics, the transmitter developed and patented by Dr Knapp picks up the signals emitted by the body at certain intervals and checks whether they are complete. If it identifies any functional disorders, the transmitter can generate the missing signals and transmit them to the patient. The process is completely painless; the signals generated by the transmitter are absorbed by the skin.

Alternative to medication

There are many advantages to bringing about healing at cellular level. As well as speeding up the recovery process, ATM® can influence the effect of medication. Active transmitter therapy often makes it possible to reduce medication or stop taking it altogether.